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Drainage, Flood Prevention and Landscaping Newcastle Upon Tyne

Reinstatement of the Town Moor allotment site tackling surface water drainage.

Project Details


Flood prevention


Town Moor
Newcastle Upon Tyne


Completion Dates

October 2019

July 2020

August 2020

About the Project

The project involved reinstating the allotments on the Town Moor site by tackling long-standing ground conditions, improving surface water drainage and landscaping to improve its appearance. Phase 6 of the project was completed in October 2019 which involved the spreading of topsoil and seeding. The completed landscaping is shown in updated images from July and August 2020.

Shaun has successfully carried out numerous projects for the Town Moor over the last 20 years but this was his first big project with his own company, SHR Excavations. His reputation for his tidy and efficient working methods and his high standards of professionalism always lead to complete customer satisfaction.

Project Phases

Phase 1: Forming reverse swale or raised bund to hold water back.

Phase 2: Levelling and profiling.

Phase 3: Stock piling and sealing 20,000 tons of top soil.

Phase 4: Fitting drainage scheme, concrete chambers, silt traps and french drains.


Phase 5: Stone picking and combining the site in preparation for topsoil.

Phase 6: Spreading of topsoil.

Phase 7: Grass seeding.

Phase 8: Project completed and grass coming in well.

Project Gallery

Client Testimonial

"Shaun's professionalism and knowledge of the business is vast and his attitude to both his work and customer is 2nd to none, attention to detail is paramount, and the end product is what you would want and expect, "and probably more". I'm a big believer in you get what you pay for and this man never falls short. I wish him every success with his new venture and will continue to use this business for all future land and drainage works relating to Newcastle's Town Moors'.

Kevin Batey, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Town Moor Superintendent, October 2019

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